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How do I cancel my automatic renewal if I purchased using my credit card or Paypal?

posted this on June 14, 2013 16:34

There are few financial institutions that handle transactions when you purchase Hotspot Shield Subscription.


I. eSellertate (Digital River), please follow steps below to cancel auto-renewal feature of your Subscription:

   1. Open e-mail from (Subject: [AnchorFree Inc] Order Confirmation: Order ST12312312)

   2. At the bottom of the receipt, click Click Here link to manage your Subscription Settings.


2a.  If you can not find the e-mail from  

       Retrieve your order number from your Account History Page:
           a) log in at
           b) the Dashboard with your account details with open
           c) open 'View Account History Link'
           d) copy STxxxxxxxx Order # in Transaction History
           e) visit eSellerate Link and Enter Your E-mail and eSellerate STxxxxxxxx Order.


 3.  eSellerate Window will open with your subscription details and update options. Click the corresponding link to 'Renew' or 'Cancel' your Subscription.


   4.  Confirm Cancellation by clicking 'Yes'.


   5. Subscription Cancellation Confirmed.


II. To cancel the automatic renewal of your Elite  Subscription service if you purchased using a credit card or Paypal (not eSellerate) please click on 'SUBMIT A REQUEST' Tab and fill out 'Payment Issue' Form. 

- e-mail Subject Line: Auto-renewal Cancellation Request

- e-mail body FIrst Line: Auto-renewal Cancellation Request

- Hotspot Shield username

- Membership Renewal Type: Annual, 6 Month or Monthly

- Receipt of purchase, Order # or Elite Code

- The reason why you wish to discontinue our services (strictly for our statistics)

III. iTunes, please follow steps per link below to cancel auto-renewal feature of your Subscription:

IV. Google Play, please follow steps per link below to cancel auto-renewal feature of your Subscription:


If you have any difficulty canceling your Subscription auto-renewal feature, please click on 'SUBMIT A REQUEST' Tab and fill out 'Payment Issue' Form. 



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Anthony Ford

Even though I had more than a year before my account would expire, the automatic renewal added ANOTHER year, so now I'm paid through 2015 and the automatic renewal will kick in again more than a year before it is appropriate.

June 19, 2013 19:46
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I want to cancel my account, because i can't seem to use it. But i have no order no. I have the receipt from itunes, i need help.
August 26, 2013 08:15
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Hugh Waller

I am trying to cancel my subscription by following the steps above but in step/image two above you imply that the "Hotspot Shield Elite - 1 Year, Best Value! Limited time offer" in bold in the "Renewal" is a link, it is not. You also have "To cancel your subscription, click here" link, this doesn't exist.  See attached image.

Can you please provide current and accurate information please.

Thank you

October 01, 2013 18:07
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Please forward request for auto-renewal cancellation to

October 04, 2013 15:54
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I'm also trying to cancel for my monthly subscription. The site above doesn't work for me because it's saying it doesn't recongnise my email that I used. You've already taken another $4.99 and that's crazy. I'd like if you'd cancel my subscription for good and email me when you have. You really need to fix this site because from the comments above, it clearly doesn't work. Thanks.


December 03, 2013 23:06
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I paid for this service for use on a PC and noticed that there was no way to turn off the "Auto-Renewal" option under the profile. I paid via PayPal and looked for info on my original receipt. At the bottom of your receipt, there is a section called "Purchase Support" which takes you to the "" store (Digital River) where there is s section "Subsciption Management". Mine was set to automatically renew. There was an option to cancel this auto-renew subscription and the site is now showing that the status on this is CANCELED.

I also sent the request to cancel the auto-renew using the info at the top of this link but I didn't really have much faith in it after reading the comments posted. Hope this helps anyone else who is trying to cancel this auto-renew. It really should have to bee hoops of fire.

December 08, 2013 11:13
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I've been trying to get the Hotspot Shield to work for the last 2 months since they came out with the new upgrades, it does not work no matter how many times I've uninstall, reinstall. uninstall, and reinstall the new version of Hotspot Shield.  I also got the automatic renewal until 2015 which I didn't sign up for.  This program sucks and I am tired of having to try and get it to work on my devices.  I just followed the post on what to do to cancel my auto-renewal (which I also thinks sucks that they do this especially since I can't even get it to work and would never want to renew again).  Another thing that sucks about this is I decided to try Hotspot Shield because of what I read in a reputable magazine about this product.  Little did I know I would encounter all this headache just trying to get it to work.  I emailed the help desk because there is no phone number to call and discuss this with anyone.  They opened a ticket and before I can even try what they suggested, they closed out the ticket indicating that the issue has been resolved without me ever telling them the outcome. 

December 18, 2013 22:21
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Geoffrey Smith

I asked them what they are doing about all the complaints people have made about cancelling their subscriptions.Their response was dealt with in ticket .........I still havent had an answer,I think they tried to shut me up by offering me a free subscription.I declined dont want to get involved with this kind of company who dont give a shite about you.I suggest everyone complains to trading standards,the more complaints they have they have to deal with it.


December 19, 2013 01:29
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We have a few financial services to distribute our product: iTunes, Google Play, eSellerate, STRIPE, MOPAY and others, therefore there is NO one specific way to cancel subscription, but it varies depending on the purchase method you have used.

We used to have only eSellertate to process web purchases and had specific directions on FORUM how to turn auto-renewals off. Since we have implemented other methods of payment we had to take eSellerate cancellation directions, as users who purchased via other methods attempt to cancel on eSellerate web site and not able to. Instead we process cancellations manually, and every request is addressed in 24 to 48 hours.

December 19, 2013 15:11
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Lucia, thank you for the comment. Can you answer why is the "default" set to AUTOMATICALLY renew when the default with the MAJORITY of other applications purchased online is usually manual. The MAJORITY of the ones that do automatically set the subscription to auto-renew at least have an option to allow the customer to switch it to manual. I will be honest, this is a huge reason why I canceled my auto-renew and will probably not be purchasing an updated subscription. The fact that I feel LOCKED into upgrading AND have to go through hoops of fire to ensure I am not automatically charge makes me run the other way. It is not the fault of the re-sellers for there being no option. It is HSS management who have chosen this path. If HSS is locked into a manual cancellation process because of restrictions from re-sellers, then maybe HSS should choose their re-sellers more wisely. If this is not an option, how about a phone number or easier way of contacting you guys? Maybe customers would have a better feeling towards HSS if they didn't feel that their email was a "message in a bottle". It is easy to see how profitable this current system could be if it whacks unsuspecting consumers with an unwanted renewal fee. We feel like HSS has their hand in our pockets fishing for money. It is not right. Period.

December 20, 2013 15:04
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Jean Drouin

To the staff of Anchor Free

 Hi, What  a rip off from your seller on eSellertate  page.No way  of cancelling  anything.The  vendor keeps people lock into auto renewal.Even  charges before the  expiring date.That  was my case.If they  charge me again, i will fight until i am heard.No more wanting to be locked against my will.Not the way to go, while doing  business.Stop this now and for good.An  unhappy customer.Please try to fix this once and for all. Be honest for everyone  doing business with you guys.After all your success of your company  depends on us the customers.Jean Drouin

January 08, 2014 12:36
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To Jean Drouin: Please provide an e-mail/Hotspot Shield username so we could retrieve your account and deactivate auto-renewal feature. Please e-mail for assistance. 

January 09, 2014 12:07
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What is "receipt of purchase"?  Is that the order number?  License number?

January 20, 2014 18:29
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Receipt of purchase is your Purchase Order #. Depending on Purchase method, your receipt might be an e-mail, phone txt message, or Thank You Page displayed in the browser at the time of purchase.

January 31, 2014 10:37
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Kashif Raza

Hello user,

I bought One month subscription on 4th feb 2014 , but found very cheap service . still not connecting
1: ERROR: Redeem License already in use.
2: Error:   Sorry,cant connect to secure server.

I am using ver. 3.32
There is not showing log in button also in task window.

Mean my amount has been lost ," I will not recommend to buy this product"



February 05, 2014 00:03
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I have been overcharged for 3 months now, i have been trying to cancel my auo renewal, have sent email twice no reply, i am not sure as to how can i put a stop to this, i have been charged for service that i am not even using since the last 3 months.

Can someone get back to me on this !!!

February 05, 2014 00:34
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This is a common mistake that many customers made - trying to redeem license that is already in use.

If you are a new user, you only have a few day free trial and when checking  your expiration date on the dashboard (log in at will show only few days till expiration date. Let's day you have purchase 1 month membership - as user above. His dashboard shows expiration date of March 6, 2014 (which is 1 month subscription + 2 days of trial since the purchase), which means his Monthly Subscription was ALREADY APPLIED TO HIS ACCOUNT! As he is trying to 'Redeem License', our system recognizes that license was applied already and produce error message.

User ONLY need to Redeem License if his expected expiration date after purchasing the subscription is not matching with the expiration date on the Dashboard ((log in at


February 05, 2014 11:25