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Does Hotspot Shield have bandwidth/Data limitations?

posted this on June 17, 2013 21:31


Does Hotspot Shield have bandwidth limitations?

Until lately,Hotspot Shield Subscription did not have any bandwidth/data limitations.

Hotspot Shield's Free Edition is is ad-supported and covers the costs to run the service by showing advertisements. Some content such as video sites uses a large amounts of bandwidth and server costs. Bandwidth/Data Limitations are implemented ONLY for FREE users.

After analyzing out costs, we have discovered that 10% of Hotspot Shield Free Customers are using 50% of out bandwidth.

To cover the bandwidth usage cost, we now implemented bandwidth limitation on Android and Desktop platforms:

Bandwidth/Data Cap on Android is 256MG per day and resets every 24hrs. Users are prompted to pay OR wait for XX hrs until the cap is reset.

Bandwidth/Data Cap on Desktop is set to 750MB per day and reset every 24hrs. Users are prompted to pay or wait for XX hrs until the cap is reset.

Share-with-Friends wall appears at 500MB. User have no access to video sites for 24 hours. If user will share Hotspot Shield with 10 friends, the access will be restored.

Bandwidth wall will appear at 750MB. User will be disconnect after 5 minutes. Bandwidth will be reset after 12 hours.



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René von Staffeldt Beck

How about the 10Mbps bandwitdt limitation. Are you going to upt that to at least 100Mbps? 

August 03, 2013 04:13
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Chinchao Snipe Dieyou
Are u making me a fool the hotspot sheild have limit they said I used up must wait another 4 hours !!
November 06, 2013 02:41
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TheThegirlbehindyou9 .

i hate to wait too for 4 hr :'(

November 06, 2013 09:40
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Jacob Shakespeare

NOOO!!! Hotspot Shield! I supported you guys since 2011, I've told countless friends and peers about HS, I use it all the time. Don't do us like this!

November 07, 2013 23:41
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Try buying it and finding the bloody thing resets your elite back to trial 24hrs later your turned off

November 10, 2013 13:34
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Elite Does not get 'reset' to FREE, what happened was that you got logged out of your Elite account. If you are an Elite Customer, but  logged off Elite Account, our servers see you as FREE user. Once you log in back to your Elite account, the Client get upgraded to Elite and you can use unlimited bandwidth again. Please see link below about difference in Hotspot Shield Elite and FREE Mode.

November 13, 2013 11:15
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Umer Rajpoot

How about the 10Mbps bandwitdt limitation. Are you going to upt that to at least 100Mbps?

January 14, 2014 03:57
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Carl Oglesby

Click on attach file.

February 21, 2014 11:47
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Markos Kalimera

At hotspot shield properties one can see the MB used at data in/out.But if he disconnects and connects again the MB counting starts from zero.It would be good to introduce a section where one could see the total MB spent so far,the MB left to use,as well as a clock to inform when the bandwidth will be restored after it's over.

April 22, 2014 01:28